Laboratorios en Argentina
Más de sesenta laboratorios instalados en todo el país para investigación, desarrollo, control de calidad y microbiología, entre otros.
Diabetes Center, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena - Germany

Labs on a surface area of 3500 m² for chemical-preparative and analytical tasks, for primary and secondary subjects' practice, for storage and distribution of chemicals; as well as research and special labs (labs for breaking down chemicals, nite labs, RSA, gas chromatography, NMR, etc.).
IKA, Staufen - Germany
Training and analytics laboratory on a surface area of approx. 400 m² at device manufacturer IKA in Staufen near Freiburg.
KRKA, Novo Mesto - Slovenia
Research and quality assurance lab on a surface area of approx. 3500 m² on four tiers.
Siemens, Frankfurt - Germany
1000 m² pilot plant station at Siemens in Frankfurt.
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